Globeaction Aktiebolag was founded in 2006 and is based in Sweden. The company was formed as a consultancy to support technology suppliers with business development and project management skills required for their international business activities. Our consultants have a background in the mobile telecommunications industry that developed rapidly during the 1980s and -90s. We can reuse much of the experience obtained when working for large telecom companies and convey this knowledge to small and medium-sized exporters of technology that do not have the same financial capacity to invest in their sales organizations. Our assignments have provided valuable insights and developed our competence, particularly in the SATCOM and gaming industries. We are building on that competence when we offer our support as business consultants to technology suppliers who are aiming to expand their reach to new markets or market segments but also as distributors of systems and products. 

Globeaction is cooperating with companies such as Virgin Technologies and Globecomm regarding supply of satcom equipment and services, and with Gaming Solutions in the gaming industry for the supply of lottery system technology.