It can be quite a revelation to understand what must be done to adapt to a customer focused sales approach. What it means is that you must validate your offer to the market/customer by putting yourself in the customer's shoes.

Professionals who have been working with sales for some time knows that you can't maintain a high success rate if you rely on an "add hoc" sales approach and you can't treat sales as an independent activity detached from other activities and departments in the company. Sales is however often treated in a simplified way also in fairly large companies providing advanced technology.

Address the customers on their terms

Most companies like to think that they know what their customers need and spend a lot of time trying to make them understand just that. In reality most suppliers have a vague idea about their customers needs. Furthermore, as in all situations when people are involved, purchase decisions have personal implications for the people making them.

Animated presentation

Our experience is that it pays off to put some effort into trying to understand the customers environment and the dynamics within the customers organisation. Globeaction provides a structured approach to deal with sales based on three fundamental principles.

 - Customers buy benefits and value, not features

 - Understand who will influence purchase decissions

 - Involve the whole company in your sales process 

If you are in the process to start up a new sales project we recommend that you spend two or three days on a workshop facilitated by Globeaction in order to get your account team customer focused and on the same page. The result might surprise you.