Our competence is focused on business development, marketing, sales and management of customer projects related to the supply of technology. Globeaction has genuine experience from conducting business in most parts of the world and is providing a global contact network, which we make available to our clients through consulting or via hosting arrangements. 

Business Development  - We take responsibility for the process of developing business plans together with the client's own staff combined with qualified research tailored for the client's business. 

Biz Plan

We provide suggestions for changes and improvements and take part in the implementation of strategies. It may be a development of the existing business as well as identifying new and emerging business opportunities.

MarketingWe manage the development of marketing plans, take part in the creation of marketing material together with the product owner and participate in exhibitions and conferences as the client's representative.

Sales We bring a solid understanding of what is required to successfully approach foreign markets and how to address potential customers in the business and government sectors. This, in combination with our experience from both successful and less successful business negotiations, gives our clients the opportunity to come well prepared to meet their customers, wherever they decide to go.  

Customer Project ManagementWe provide experienced project managers to coordinate the supply and implementation of technical products and solutions. Our consultants will liaise with our client's organisation, our client's customers, 3rd party suppliers and local government agencies, making sure that the technology sold is delivered and implemented as ordered by the end customer. 

“Hosted Company" serviceThe scope of service is tailored in each case to achieve targets specified by the client. The service typically includes our managing the client's company under its own name, catering the supply of human resources, and providing suitable premises. Additionally, we manage the external contacts with government agencies, suppliers and customers.