Globeaction has signed up as a distributor for Edmonton based Virgin Technologies Inc. Globeaction is primarily interested in the VR series of mobile auto-aiming antennas, manufactured by Virgin Technologies, which can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle or other movable platform for direct access over a wide variety of satellites. The antennas are easy to manage and can be set up quickly to deliver high-speed satellite data links ideal for energy and mining exploration, government, military agencies, emergency responders, etc.

"Globactions aims to broaden its capabilities within satellite broadband communications and the agreement with Virgin Technologies takes us another step towards our objective" says Ulf Sundqvist who is the Managing Director of Globeaction.

Virgin Technologies Inc. was founded in 2001 and is based in the USA and Canada. The company is a leading provider of innovative telecommunications solutions to oil and gas exploration organizations, government and military agencies, first responders, mining companies and other industries. Virgin Technologies owns and operates its own iDirect teleport and provides a complete suite of telecommunication solutions. This includes the sales and rentals of fixed and mobile satellite antennas, high speed Internet, VoIP telephone service, intrinsically safe intercoms, VPN and private networks, cellular repeaters and portable towers. Virgin Technologies also manufactures its own line of auto-aiming satellite antennas for any vehicle or movable platform.

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